• 1. What should I wear?

    Please wear comfortable sportswear, such as t-shirt, leggings / jogging bottoms, with bare feet or socks.

  • 2. What do I need?

    Please bring your own Pilates mat. You may find it useful to have a small towel and water bottle with you. You will be told in advance if you need any other small equipment.

  • 3. How long does the class last?

    Both private and group sessions last one hour.

  • 4. Do I need to fill in a registration form?

    All new clients need to complete a registration form. It is important that you keep Zoë up to date with any changes in your health. This will be followed up with a short phone consultation before attending your first group class. Please contact Zoë Tsim Pilate’s to arrange a time (info@zoetsim.com).

    The information provided to Zoë Tsim Pilates will be treated as confidential and will only be used to provide a safe, tailored made class for you. To comply with Data Protection Regulations, all information will be destroyed when you cease to attend the classes. No information will be shared with any third parties.

  • 5. How do I book and pay for classes?

    To book a group or private class, please contact info@zoetsim.com Group classes can be paid for in a block booking or a one off session. An invoice for the term containing class information and bank details will be emailed in advanced.

  • 6. Can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for missed sessions. If spaces are available, you may be able to make up the missed session by attending another of the group classes within the same half term.

  • 7. I have a medical condition / injury – can I still participate?

    Pilates is low impact and can benefit those with medical conditions and injuries. Dependent on the nature of your condition you may need check with your GP before starting Pilates.

    You may require private 1:1 sessions before joining a group class in order to ensure safe practice. All exercises can be variated to suit your needs, but if anything feels uncomfortable or you start to feel faint during the class, please stop, rest and let me know.

  • 8. I am pregnant / postnatal – can I still participate?

    Group classes are not suitable for those that are pregnant. Post – natal Pilates can begin approximately 4 – 6 weeks after giving birth. Please check with your GP before joining class.